International Digital Monetary Council Launches

In parallel with the unveiling by the North America Procurement Council of the AMERO digital currency as a new secure standard, the International Digital Monetary Council (IDMC) also was officially launched on April 12, 2018.

The IDMC is a non-profit organization which is developing a sound policy and regulatory framework for international digital currencies that will meet the needs of government and business. It will develop model policies and a proposed regulatory framework to guide the deployment and use of the next generation of cryptocurrencies. To do this, the IDMC is in the process of assembling a group of leading thinkers from business, technology, government, academia and NGO backgrounds with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives. The
IDMC will collectively craft policies, standards, procedures and a regulatory framework for sovereign regional international digital currencies to ensure the success of these currencies, reduce potential negative consequences, and foster widespread acceptance of regional centrally managed digital money. 

The IDMC is chaired during its startup phase by Tim Loncarich, founder and owner of Bid Ocean ( and the North America Procurement Council ( Both organizations have revolutionized the way business-to-government procurement activities by providing convenient access to business to government bids/solicitations, which in turn creates greater transparency for government agencies.  Mr. Loncarich is also the founder and publisher of the Trillions Business Network ( and its partner publication, Trillions Magazine,

In addition to Mr. Loncarich, two others who have joined the IDMC during its startup phase are:

  • Dr. Roman Kolcun, a computer scientist associated currently at the Imperial College of London, with a strong background in advanced research in distributed systems and the Internet of Things.
  • Dr. Chance Eaton, an organizational psychologist with experience in group dynamics and how to foster greater coherence within complex and diverse organizations.

If you are a thought-leader or expert in blockchain, international relations, development projects, monetary policy, international banking, business or other relevant fields and are interested in participating in the IDMC, we would welcome the opportunity to hear from you. You can reach us at 1-970-425-6945 or