Applications for AMERO digital currency grants are now being accepted at

The AMERO is a new digital currency (cryptocurrency) developed by Bid Ocean and the North America Procurement Council for use by government agencies and businesses primarily in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Digital currencies for other regions will be launched this year. The LIBERATO will be for Europe and Asia, the DIGESO for Latin America and OTESHA for Africa. 

The AMERO will be the first regional digital currency designed for commerce that is secure, stable and sustainable. It will be launched on June 4th2018.

There will be an initial 500 billion AMERO coins created and 90% of them will be given as grants to government agencies, non-profit organizations and for important R&D. More digital coins will be released as needed in the future.

Dozens of contractors and vendors are already signing up each week up to accept the AMERO for their goods and services and there will be at least several hundred suppliers accepting AMERO by launch. A live directory of suppliers accepting AMERO will be online soon and an e-commerce catalog will follow after launch.

Vendors who sign-up now will receive up to 2,500 AMERO free and matching AMERO for transactions for the first 90 days after launch.

The AMERO is of immense importance because it provides a debt-free way to fund critical development for climate-change adaptation, poverty reduction, renewable energy, a healthier and more secure food supply, eradication of corruption, meaningful education and wide range of other projects and programs that will help create a more humane and sustainable civilization.

Developed in partnership with the International Digital Monetary Council, a non-profit think-tank, the AMERO will conform to a sound regulatory policy to ensure that it meets the needs of government, business and the public.

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